Music Theory, Music Reference Websites – 6-4-14

The 50 Best Blogs for Music Theory Students

Music Theory – Transposition: Part 1 (The Basics)

Circle of Fifths – How to use for Major Keys

Music Theory – The Circle of Fifths – creativeguitarstudio

Primary Chords – Major Keys

Primary Chords – Minor Keys

Music Theory 101 – The Harmonic Minor Scale

How Basic Chords Work – Music Theory Lesson – Michael New

Music Theory 101 – Scales and Modes – JamPlayDotCom

Music Theory – The Harmonic Minor Scale

Musical Set Theory

AP Music Theory: Music Meter – Simple, Compound, Complex and Multi Meter, Irregular, Rhythms


Transposing Melody and Harmony – CreativeGuitarStudio





Fundamentals Lesson – Beat – Division of the Beat



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  1. downbythebrook Says:

    Great links, thank you.

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