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I. Robuste
II. Dolent
III. Rapidamente
IV. Allègrement

Masako Iguchi, percussion and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Orchestra conducted by Alasdair Neale

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© Rachmaninov’s 3rd pianoconcert – Leif Ove Andsnes – Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester – Lionel Bringuier – Stockholm 2009 – © Sveriges Television AB.
Reupload as a whole concert due to several false claims of ownership to the previous splitted versions.
**oOo** Believe it or not: NO Fraudulent claims 200113. Reading:
Der er ingen ophavsretlige krav på din video © Rachmaninov’s 3. (whole) pianoconcert. Leif Ove Andsnes & SVT Symfoniorkester – Lionel Bringuier :

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Excerpts from the 100th performance of this work by Bertold Hummel with Peter Sadlo, Percussion / Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale RAI / Conductor: John Neschling / Torino 2003