Newhouse, author/instructor of our online courses Orchestration 1 and 2 and Music Composition for Film and TV, on November 14th.

Ben Newhouse has worked as a music supervisor and composer on dozens of television shows, films, and stage productions for media corporations including ABC, FOX, MTV, and Disney. He has arranged movie themes, sixties pop music, Broadway shows, and scored for several full-length feature films using Digital Performer.

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American blues singer and pianist, Marcia Ball, shares advice to aspiring singer/songwriters.

Marcia was described in USA Today as “a sensation, saucy singer and superb pianist… where Texas stomp-rock and Louisiana blues-swamp meet.” The Boston Globe described her music as “an irresistible celebratory blend of rollicking, two-fisted New Orleans piano, Louisiana swamp-rock and smoldering Texas blues from a contemporary storyteller.”

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SongwritingSecrets·4 videos Three concepts that are common to musical geniuses, and how you can use these to improve your own writing


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For many people often the most difficult task of songwriting is lyric writing. And with lyric writing often the most difficult part is knowing where to start. In this video I give you one technique I’ve found useful: Start at the end!

Also I consider the features of language itself that we need to take into account as we try to shape words into lyrics.

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The third in my songwriting series. Now we have a simple structure we can create a melody over the top.

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This second video deals with chords and rhythm and introduces the I, IV and V7 chords in the key of C as well as offering a simple 8 bar structure for our first song in 4/4 time.

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