Published on Aug 4, 2016
How to Write a String Quartet (1) – Movement 1 – Part 1 Please support me writing these videos: In these tutorials I demonstrate how to write a string quartet taking the viewer through structure, melody writing, harmony, texture, modulation and accompaniment.

Listen to Schubert Piano Quintet in A Major

‘The Trout’ Mvt. 4 by Kiril Laskarov #np on

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‘The Trout’ Mvt. 4 – SoundCloud — euzicasa

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DUANE:  please note that this part of his early Romantic Period, well before 12 – tone,Athematic Serialism.


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The first movement of 28 year-old Ravel’s Quatuor à Cordes. He is said to have been meticulous in his writing, and, finally, a group of musicians have matched his efforts in terms of attention. This is, in my opinion, the best performance and recording of this piece.

Allegro moderato introduces the main theme to be repeated in movements III and IV. The atmosphere developed is one of warmth and a contrasting vastness. The last 30 seconds always gave me the impression of falling asleep, once again surrounded by warmth.

Hagen Quartet:

First Violin – Lukas Hagen (Austria)
Second Violin – Rainer Schmidt (Germany)
Viola – Veronika Hagen (Austria)
‘Cello – Clemens Hagen (Austria)

Concert hall – Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria. (2000.)

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In a preview for an upcoming full-length documentary, the Juilliard String Quartet performs selections from Beethoven’s Quartet in B Flat Major, Op. 130, with the Grosse Fuge.
Joseph Lin, the new first violinist of the ensemble, and Samuel Rhodes also speak about studying and performing the great work.

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Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

String Quartet op. 51 n. 2 in A minor (1873)…)…

Free Scores:…)

Quartetto Italiano:
Paolo Borciani (Reggio Emilia, 21 dicembre 1922 – 5 luglio 1985): Violino I
Elisa Pegreffi (Genova, 10 giugno 1922): Violino II
Piero Farulli (Firenze, 13 gennaio 1920 – Fiesole, 2 settembre 2012): Viola
Franco Rossi (Venezia, 31 marzo 1921 – Firenze, 28 novembre 2006): Violoncello