Sivan Garr·4 videos Sivan Garr – Second in a series of healing videos! Lots of people put a whole lot of healing and loving energy and intention into this video! You matter to me! You matter! I love you!

Calvin Earl·14 videos What is a Negro Spiritual? What are their origins? Historian / Musician Calvin Earl presents the history of Negro Spirituals. “It all began with a moan and groan..”.Learn how slaves created the original rhythm, and how the included secret codes into what became “Negro Spiritual Music”. Watch this and our other videos to find out more.

(00:00:00) (01) River Flows in You
(00:03:03) (02) I
(00:07:08) (03) May Be
(00:11:04) (04) Love Me
(00:15:05) (05) It’s Your Day
(00:18:43) (06) Do You?
(00:22:47) (07) As You Wish
(00:25:38) (08) Chaconne
(00:29:28) (09) Indigo
(00:32:31) (10) Sometimes…Someone
(00:36:48) (11) The Sunbeams… They Scatter
(00:40:39) (12) Destiny Of Love
(00:45:24) (13) -korean title 1-
(00:48:50) (14) -korean title 2-
(00:52:15) (15) One Day Diary
(00:59:47) (16) Ribbonized
(01:05:12) (17) What Beautiful Stars
(01:08:00) (18) Sky
(01:11:46) (19) Journey
(01:15:38) (20) Hope

Pictures from ‘Plastic Days’ Exhibition, Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, March 10-May 20 (2012).

NOTE:  Please observe this composer’s composition technique of morphing the chorale into this deeply spiritual tonal journey.  The slow changes are misleading unless you listen carefully to the inner voices. A very beautiful composition.

MonteverdiChor·101 videos

Knut Nystedt (born 1915)
Immortal Bach

A variation of the beginning of Bach’s choral “Komm süßer Tod” (BWV 478) which is sung initially:
Five choirs sing the same original music but in different tempi and wait at the end of each phrase.

Komm süßer Tod, komm sel’ge Ruh!
Komm, führe mich in Friede.

Come sweet death, come celestial ease!
Come, lead me in peace.

The recording shows the Monteverdi Choir Würzburg with its conductor Matthias Beckert at the memorial concert on March 16, 2008 in the Augustinerkirche commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the bombing of Würzburg.
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