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TEDxBrainport 2013 – Making the Future
June 4th, 2013

A recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Pieter Jan Pieters is building an impressive resumé of innovative project work involving sound technologies. Imagine if the waving motion you make with your arms could be translated into a sound wave. This is the premise of Pieter’s project ‘Sound on Intuition’. All our movements are unique, conscious or unconscious. ‘Sound on Intuition’ captures this uniqueness and transforms it into sound.

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http://hub.jhu.edu/magazine/2013/summ…. Composer and Peabody Conservatory faculty, Oscar Bettison, redefines traditional music with wrenches, tuning forks, and junk percussion known as “Cinderella Instruments”. Conventional instruments have been altered, retuned, or otherwise manipulated to extend their sound possibilities. Searching for new sounds and the new expressive capabilities inherent within traditional instruments has become a primary force in Bettison’s work.

Read “Bang On” at http://hub.jhu.edu/magazine/2013/summ…

Science of Sound

May 4, 2013

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NASA Connect segment exploring all the basics of sound including how it works and how it travels. The video also explains how the ear works.


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