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Gary Ewer·4 videos is a website that allows you to sing or play melodies into an online application, and it will create instant backing instrumentation. Loads of fun, but also a great instructional tool for songwriters.

Sting on Songwriting

June 6, 2013

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Sting discusses the craft of songwriting in this clip from “Established in the Soul”, an episode of the Australian ABC-TV series “Access All Areas” from 1997. Included are portions of several live performances – “Lithium Sunset”, “Every Breath You Take” and “Fragile” – presumably from late in his Mercury Falling Tour.

SongwritingSecrets·4 videos 3 easy ways to write an irresistible melody.


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For many people often the most difficult task of songwriting is lyric writing. And with lyric writing often the most difficult part is knowing where to start. In this video I give you one technique I’ve found useful: Start at the end!

Also I consider the features of language itself that we need to take into account as we try to shape words into lyrics.

Jeff Burton·141 videos

The third in my songwriting series. Now we have a simple structure we can create a melody over the top.

Duke Righteous lays it out in a direct, step by step manner, along with a sense of humor.