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What Is A Scherzo?

October 27, 2014

Beethoven Scherzo from Symphony #9

Cohen’s Masterpiece (Cohen’s Scherzo n°7)

Zimerman plays Chopin Scherzo Op. 31 in B flat




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This article is about the musical term. For the Doctor Who audio play, see Scherzo (audio drama).

A scherzo (plural scherzos or scherzi) is a piece of music, often a movement from a larger piece such as a symphony or a sonata. The scherzo’s precise definition has varied over the years, but it often refers to a movement which replaces the minuet as the third movement in a four-movement work, such as a symphony, sonata, or string quartet.[1] Scherzo also frequently refers to a fast-moving humorous composition which may or may not be part of a larger work.[2]





London Symphony Orchestra ·193 videos

A quintet of LSO musicians, led by animateur Rachel Leach, explore the third movement of Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor, Opus 34.

This video is a specially produced recording of LSO Discovery’s annual A-level seminar, and will be of particular use to students taking their A-level music exam (Edexcel syllabus) in summer 2011.

Animateur: Rachel Leach

First Violin: Rhys Watkins
Second Violin: Louise Shackelton
Violia: Malcolm Johnston
Cello: Jonny Byers
Piano: Liz Burley

For more information on LSO Discovery’s work for teachers and schools, please see…


DissonantHyperbola·12 videos

Anti-jokes. Ha. First one is “Shaggy Dawg,” followed by “No Soap, Radio.” Composed by me June 17-18 using NWC, recorded with Camtasia