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This video is a piano tutorial based around a comping exercise. If you want to improve your pop piano comping, it’s really important to take on chord progressions that are a bit more complicated. This loop isn’t really difficult to play once you’re sat down at the keyboard, but it should help you start thinking a bit more about what you can do with more complex chords on the piano.

As with previous tutorials and piano comping exercises, I start fairly simply and let the complexity build. If you’re new to doing this sort of thing on the piano, or you’re not sure about some of the more basic comping and improvisation techniques, check out some of my earlier piano tutorials. Those tutorials will also help you if you’re a bit unsure about chords and harmony – it’s really essential that you at least grasp the basics of how chords work if you’re going to get anyway with comping at the keyboard.

Since people keep asking, the piano I’m using to record these tutorials is a Yamaha DGX-630!

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Some simple ideas for compositions using ostinatos. It’s a pretty useful technique that can give some great results!

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