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In this short jazz piano lesson we’ll look at how to construct basic voicings over the I-vi-ii-V and I-VI-ii-V progression. This progression, along with the ii-V-I and tri-tone substitution that we’ve already learned, is essential to the jazz pianists’ repertoire.

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Concert pianist and teacher Graham Fitch continues his in-depth lessons on Pedalling, this time focusing on legato pedalling. This lesson complements his full-length article inside Pianist No 83.
The masterclass takes place on a Steinway Model D concert grand at Steinway Hall, London

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Sometimes as a pianist it’s easy to get ‘trapped’ in just a few keys that you feel comfortable with. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it can mean that you find yourself in trouble if you’re playing piano in a band, or accompanying a singer, and you’re asked to play in a more difficult key – working the chords out on paper is straightforward enough, but you can find that they don’t fall under your fingers on the piano keyboard as easily as chords do in more familiar keys. In this tutorial I look at a simple exercise you can do to get familiar with the different chord shapes in every major key (and ever minor key, if you use a minor chord progression).


Pianist Magazine


From Pianist magazine, go to
The first in a two-part masterclass: Graham Fitch’s in-depth piano lesson on how to control your tone in very loud and very soft playing. Graham offers up some invaluable tips. This lesson complements his full-length article inside Pianist No 82.
The masterclass takes place on a Steinway Model D concert grand at Steinway Hall, London

Flight Of The Bumble Bee  –  Rimsky-korsakoff

Paul Barton

Arranged for Piano by MYRA HESS. PIANO LESSON by Paul Barton on FEURICH 218 harmonic pedal piano.
*Correction at 7:59 – metronome beat should be 60 not 80.

Performance only in overhead keyboard view:

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Public domain arrangement for piano Harold Bauer from IMSLP Music Library:…

Bossa Nova – Piano Lesson

January 13, 2014

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In this piano lesson we’ll learn how to form secondary dominants on the piano.

This piano lesson was made by: David Yzhaki

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Theory/Technique lesson. Covers how to create basic major and minor triads with any note as the root. Filmed in 2005. Dan Lefler, Danman’s Music School. For the lesson notes and 1000’s more piano lessons go to (file: 4114)