bobblewobblesqueeg·81 videos·61 videos Free Jazz Piano Lesson on two handed comping chords.

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Bach B minor sonata for flute and piano, 1st movement, Jen McLachlen, Texas State University, Nov. 2008

Ruslan Sirota – Piano

November 11, 2013



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Stride piano lesson

November 5, 2013

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A quick intro to basic stride piano techniques and fingerings

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Phantasiestücke (Ashley Smith – Clarinet, Aura Go – Piano, Robert Schumann – composer)

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In this video, I am showing a really nice left hand pattern that you can use with ballads — either as an accompaniment pattern, or to add some interest to your improvisation.

With the left hand, play the root of the chord, then the 5, then jump up to the next octave and place the 1, 2, and 3 of the scale.

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Daniele Roccato, double bass; Marco Tezza, piano.
Live in Perugia (Italy) on January the 25th, at Auditorium “Morlacchi”

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This is the original studio video during which Gould recorded Bach’s Goldberg Variations in 1981 which was released on CD

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I still can’t quite believe how many hits this vid has gotten. thanks for your support. -gumbomasta 10-2010

No sheet music, no chord charts. This music is 100% made up on the spot. Using only our ears and our musical instincts, Kamel and I join forces and bring you original jams in the classical mode. Both of us had been doing improvised music in various forms (jazz, classical, electronic music, etc) for some time, and this video was clearly born from a particular time and place. Perhaps there will be a reunion someday…


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After his recent debut with the New York Philharmonic and recording his latest album for
Deutsche Grammophon, remarkable 17-year-old piano phenomenon Jan Lisiecki performed for an intimate crowd of about 300 people at the Rancho Mirage, CA Public Library.

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Composed and orchestrated by Emily Bear, age 10. Premiered with the Santa Fe Concert Association, Joe Illick, conductor, on December 24, 2012. This is the score for a short film, “Reunited” which was shown above the stage as the orchestra played – unfortunately the movie is not able to be seen in this performance video. You can see the movie with the music here:…. Huge thank you to Joe Illick, Zoya Baker, Ron Sadoff, NYU Film Scoring, and Curtis Busker. Violin soloist – Richard Rood. Video by Simply Cinema.

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