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Daniele Roccato, double bass; Marco Tezza, piano.
Live in Perugia (Italy) on January the 25th, at Auditorium “Morlacchi”

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The Tritone is a phenomenon in music. Understanding it can make you a more informed musician. This lesson is a chapter in our DVD/Download called: GUITAR CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES, A MUSICAL JOURNEY with John Carlini.

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Proses lyriques ( L. 84):
I. De reve 00:00
II. De greve 06:25
III. De fleurs 10:08
IV. De soir 15:48

Debussy, Claude ( 1862-1918) -composer
Sandrine piau -soprano
Jos van Immerseel -piano


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Composer: Francis Poulenc   –   Wikipedia   –   YouTube Roland model #: HPi-7s Follow The Piano Guy on Twitter @pianoguyscott Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston has been called the Pied Piper of recreational music-making” by giving hope to millions who just want to sit at the piano and play their favorite tunes. Here Scott and guest, five-time Grammy Award nominee David Benoit, discuss the thought process behind composing original arrangements. David Benoit uses his original song, Kei’s Song, as an example.