The life of the pianist is, by necessity, solitary

(and I have written before about The Pianist’s Loneliness).

For many of us, the solitude is not an issue:

we crave a sense of apartness to enable us

to do our work and to create special connections

with audiences when we perform,

and we need quietude/

via The Self-Compassionate Pianist — The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Madam Beus

Live in Tokyo on September 2nd-3rd 2006, at Tokyo Jazz Festival 2006 in Japan. Chick Corea and Hiromi Uehara play “Spain” (by Chick Corea).

Japanese TV

They played together again on September 2007.

Chick Corea –
Hiromi Uehara –…

fondamentateam·22 videos

Brahms Sonata for two pianos Op. 34b 1st movement Gaveau Hall, Paris. Fondamenta Opening Concert. Frédéric D’Oria-Nicolas and Alexander Kobrin, two pianos recital. Brahms – Rachmaninov – Dukas. Director : Colin Laurent, Fondamenta.

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Ellis Marsalis & Harry Connick,Jr.
A Jazz Celebration