“Peri’s Scope” (Bill Evans) – jazzpiano tutorial. Not sure who the Perry(?) is in this title pun. This was one of the first Bill Evans songs I learnt. A transcription was in the 4th volume (‘Contemporary Piano Styles’) of those really important early books by John Mehegan on jazz theory. Actually, I think that they are still available after nearly 50 years!
I have added a leadsheet so that those who might be interested can perhaps see the relationship between the original melody and the improvised version above it. It is a good song to play around with – melodically simple, stays fairly much in one key (the ‘peoples’ key’ of C!), yet invites lots of possible substitute harmonies.
The video and midi file can be uploaded from my website at http://www.bushgrafts.com and the printable transcription I will add to my DVD.