Great presentation of the legendary american conductor Leonard Bernstein, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna State Opera Chrous, the Vienna Boys Choir, Edda Moser (soprano), Judith Blegen (soprano), Gerti Zeumer (soprano), Ingrid Mayr (contralto), Agnes Baltsa (contralto), Kenneth Riegel (tenor), Hermann Prey (baritone) and Jose Van Dam (bass) [uff!], playing one of the greatest versions of 8th Symphony of Gustav Mahler of all time. Gran presentación del legendario conductor americano Leonard Bernstein conduciendo a la Orquesta Filarmónica de Viena, el Coro de la Ópera Estatal de Viena, el Coro de Niños de Viena, Edda Moser (soprano), Judith Blegen (soprano), Gerti Zeumer (soprano), Ingrid Mayr (contralto), Agnes Baltsa (contralto), Kenneth Riegel (tenor), Hermann Prey (baritono) y Jose Van Dam (bajo) interpretando una de las más grandes versiones de la Sinfonía No. 8 de Gustav Mahler. (C) ALL their respective owners. No personal work here.



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Pablo Villegas, Spanish Guitar Radio and Television Orchestra of Spain Conductor: Carlos Kalmar Teatro Monumental Madrid 24/04/2015 ______________________________________________________ Proud Cultural Ambassador of the Vivanco Foundation. ______________________________________________________ Pablo Villegas, Guitarra Española Orquesta de Radio Televisión Española Director: Carlos Kalmar Teatro Monumental Madrid 24/04/2015 ___________________________________________ Embajador Cultural de la Fundación Vivanco.


Published on Sep 11, 2014


Published on Aug 12, 2008

My first video uploaded onto youtube. I simply threw together a couple of pictures to make a slideshow. The music in this video is “Gabriel’s oboe and The Falls” from the movie “The Mission.” Simply close your eyes, listen to the music, and relax.


Published on Jul 10, 2018

La valse, by Maurice Ravel, performed by the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra under the direction of Benjamin Zander, with an animated graphical score. FAQ Q: When was this performed? A: The recording is from a May 6, 2018 performance, which was simulcast live. Here is a video of that performance:… Q: Who else was involved in this project? A: Many people were involved, but I especially want to thank Etienne Abelin (who was instrumental in organizing the production of the animation), Lushen Wu (who synchronized the video in real time during the live performance), and Antonio Oliart Ros (who recorded the audio). Q: Where can I learn more about the performers and conductor? A: Here …… Q: Where can I learn more about the piece? A: As usual, here … Q: I appreciate the animated graphical scores you make; how can I support your work? A: Thank you! The easiest way to support my work is by contributing via Patreon: If you’d like to help in more specific way, consider this: Q: Could you please do a video of _______? A: Please see this:




Published on Nov 6, 2011

Gran presentación de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Viena, conducida por el director ruso Valery Gergiev en [a mi juicio personal] una de las más grandes y magníficas interpretaciones del Pájaro de Fuego (L’Oiseau de feu) de Igor Stravinsky, que se tenga conocimiento, durante el Festival de Salzburgo 2000. Great presentation of the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by the russian Maestro Valery Gergiev, in one of the most powerful and greatest presentation of The Firebird (L’Oiseau de feu) of Igor Stravinsky at Salzburg Festival 2000. (C) Deusche Grammophon, ORF/RM Associates Limited , Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society, UMPG Publishing and all their respective owners. There’s no personal work here. (C) Deutsche Grammophon, ORF/RM Associates Limited et toutes leurs propriétaires respectifs.



Published on Dec 18, 2011

Meer op en Radio Filharmonisch Orkest o.l.v. Edward Gardner 18 december 2011, 11:00 uur, Grote Zaal van het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Rachmaninov: Symfonische Dansen




Published on Apr 6, 2012

Francis Poulenc (1899 – 1963): Stabat mater (1950) 1. Stabat mater dolorosa 00:10 2. Cujus animam 04:03 3. O quam tristis 05:17 4. Quae moerebat 07:50 5. Quis est homo 09:11 6. Vidit suum 10:49 7. Eja mater 14:28 8. Fac ut ardeat 15:55 9. Sancta mater 18:21 10. Fac ut portem 21:26 11. Inflammatus et accensus 24:55 12. Quando corpus 26:42 Monteverdichor Würzburg Christine Wolff – Sopran Matthias Beckert (cond.) 26. 02. 2012 Neubaukirche, Würzburg, Germany


Published on Jun 13, 2013

DUANE:   This Conductor, Carl Richter, is  not afraid to use bright contrasting Dynamics to feature each section of orchestra’s soloing.   After all, these are Concertos for Orchestra.   I hope you enjoy Bach’s great masterpiece.

El Jardín de Epicuro

Published on Feb 6, 2014
– Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) Conciertos de Brandenburgo 1 – 6, BWV 1046 – 1051 Münchener Bach-Orchester, Karl Richter, director. Concierto de Brandeburgo Nº 1 en Fa mayor BWV 1046 [00:28~] 1º. Allegro [04:23~] 2º. Andante (en re menor) [08:12~] 3º. Allegro [12:53~] 4º. Menuetto; Trío I (2 oboes y fagot); Menuetto Polacca (violines y violas); Menuetto Trío II (2 cornos y 3 oboes); Menuetto. Concierto de Brandeburgo Nº 2 en Fa mayor BWV 1047 [20:50~] 1º. Allegro [26:00~] 2º. Andante (en re menor) [29:44~] 3º. Allegro assai Concierto de Brandeburgo Nº 3 en Sol mayor BWV 1048 [32:35~] 1º. Allegro [38:38~] 2º. Adagio [39:41~] 3º. Allegro Concierto de Brandeburgo Nº 4 en Sol mayor BWV 1049 [45:06~] 1º. Allegro [52:44~] 2º. Andante (en mi menor) [56:44~] 3º. Presto Concierto de Brandeburgo Nº 5 en Re mayor BWV 1050 [1:01:48~] 1º. Allegro [1:11:44~] 2º. Affettuoso (en si menor) [1:16:38~] 3º. Allegro Concierto de Brandeburgo Nº 6 en Si♭ mayor BWV 1051 [1:22:00~] 1º. Moderato [1:28:22~] 2º. Adagio ma non tanto (en Mi♭ mayor) [1:33:07~] 3º. Allegro – Lista de reproducción BACH – RICHTER: […]






Published on Sep 19, 2016

Edward Gardner leads the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and the CBSO Youth Chorus in a performance of Gustav Holst’s The Planets with Colin Matthews’ supplementary piece “Pluto, The Renewer.” Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall on August 6th 2016 as part of Prom 29.

Mars, the Bringer of War 0:00
Venus, the Bringer of Peace 7:15
Mercury, the Winged Messenger 15:09
Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity 18:58
Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age 26:42
Uranus, the Magician 35:32
Neptune, the Mystic 41:20
Pluto, the Renewer 49:17