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This is a quick tutorial on how to give your audio a boost of quality and volume, this stuff can only help so much so don’t rely on this, start with audio as good as you can make it. 0:18 – Noise reduction 1:08 – Gain slider 1:47 – Amplify 2:35 – Envelope —————————————————————————— LINKZ!!… : Walker, Leigh. “Sound Envelopes – Teach Me Audio”. Teach Me Audio. N.p., 2017. Web. 11 Mar. 2017.… : The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica. “Envelope | Sound”. Encyclopedia Britannica. N.p., 2017. Web. 11 Mar. 2017.

Frostbite is a multi-effect plugin featuring ring modulator, feedback (delay) and freeze modules. What’s great about Frostbite is the range of sounds you can get from it but also the differences you get with different input sounds. For instance, you can create a preset using a certain type of input sound to give a […]

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This is a list of notable software for creating, performing, learning, analyzing, researching, broadcasting and editing music. This article only includes software, not services. For streaming services such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Prime Music, and Spotify, see Comparison of on-demand streaming music services. For storage, uploading, downloading and streaming of music via the cloud, see Comparison of online music lockers. Although this field is only 46 years old, this list does not include discontinued historic or legacy software, with the exception of trackers that are still supported.[1][2] For example, the company Ars Nova produces music education software, and its software program Practica Musica has remnants of the historic Palestrina software. Practica will be listed here, but not Palestrina.[3] If a program fits dozens of categories, such as a comprehensive DAW or a foundation programming language (e.g. Pure Data), listing is limited to its top three categories.




Types of music software

CD ripping software

Choir and learn-to-sing software

This section includes both choir software and learn-to-sing software. For music learning software, see music education software.
Main articles: Choir and Vocal coach

Chord Progression software

Main article: Chord progression
  • MagicScore Chords!]
  • ChordPulse
  • Cognitone
  • Harmony Builder
  • Hookpad
  • Liquid Notes
  • SongFrame

DJ software

Main article: DJ § Software

Digital audio workstation (DAW) software

Computer music software

Main article: Computer music




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Developer(s) Harmony Line, Inc.
Stable release 4.5

/ June 6, 2012

Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Music composition
License Proprietary

Hyperscore is a computer-assisted music composition program intended to make the creation of music readily accessible to experienced musicians as well as those without any musical training. To accomplish this, the software maps complex musical concepts to intuitive visual representations. Color, shape, and texture are used to convey high-level musical features such as timbre, melodic contour, and harmonic tension.

Hyperscore has received international media attention and awards. It has been featured in numerous news and journal publications, including the New York Times,[1] as well as television programs such as Scientific American Frontiers.



Users of Hyperscore compose music by first creating simple melodies or sequences of notes. A library of predefined elements is also provided. These melodies are assigned unique colors. The user then creates a musical sketch composed of colored lines, where each line instances the notes from the corresponding melody. The contour and position of the line alters the pitch at which notes are played back.

The software can optionally use different classes of automated harmonization to organize the given notes, in order to easily generate more pleasing results. The effects of the harmony algorithms can be controlled by contours in a special line presented throughout the sketch. Modulations and sections of harmonic tension and resolution can be introduced in this manner, adding interest and variation to the music.

Hyperscore also provides users with control over tempo and dynamics. MIDI synthesis is used for audible output from within the application and all General MIDI voices are available for use.


Hyperscore was developed by Morwaread Farbood in Tod Machover‘s Opera of the Future group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. Early versions of the software allowed users to generate novel compositions from predefined motives by sketching lines indicating patterns of musical tension.

The application evolved to play a prominent role in the Toy Symphony. During an international tour of this project, children were given the opportunity to compose orchestral pieces using Hyperscore, which were then performed in concert along with other works utilizing traditional and technologically enhanced instruments and approaches.

Current applications

Hyperscore has since become a commercial product and is currently maintained and developed by Harmony Line, Inc. The software continues to serve a pedagogical role in music education. It has also become a key component of the H-Lounge, an online music and ring tone-oriented social networking community. is a website dedicated to music makers who can upload mp3’s or songs they have created with Hyperscore. However, Hyperscore is no longer free and has a download charge of $79.


  1. Matthew Mirapaul, “From a Few Colored Lines Come the Sounds of Music,” New York Times May 27, 2002.

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iWriteMusic 2

December 15, 2013

iWriteMusicProject·18 videos

Summary of Version 2.0
Shows basics of note/rest entry, how to add/delete/reorder tracks, basics of page layout adjustment. Please check Version 2.3 for the latest information.

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Music iPad app S4 Rhythm Composer first look. Not another drum machine! In Play mode you can adjust filter and FX and use the Slicer function to cut up a sound on the fly. Roller is also a great inclusion. On the whole this is a great app and it’s free. Nice points: FX part sounds great when playing patterns live. Exporting your patterns is a breeze. Not great: Can’t change the default sounds. Get it free from the iTunes store.

Link for part 3


Music  Freeware Downloads From

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Part II:…
Download your Free Guitar Backing Tracks (Mp3 + Lyrics LRC) made with Band In A Box Real Tracks.

ComposerOnline·25 videos

This video illustrates how to compose music by moving notes around the score and listening to the results in real time! The example focuses in a 3 step approach, where the 1st step is to create a rhythm, the 2nd step is to fashion a melody and the 3rd step is to craft the chords. HarmonyBuilder makes composing easy!

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iWriteMusic is a powerful tool to create sheet music with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is designed to prepare sheet music faster and easier. With this totally innovative and advanced user interface, iWriteMusic will help you prepare sheet music anywhere, anytime!

– Advanced user interface.
– Printouts directly via AirPrint.
– Adjustable page layout.
– Creates parts easily by using hide track feature.
– Supports Rhythmic Notation.
– Easy transpose & partial transpose.
– Chord only track possible.
– Exports PDF or JPG via email.
– Exports Standard MIDI file via email.
– Exports/Imports iWriteMusic file via email.
– Copy & Paste
– 10 levels of Undo/Redo
– Shake to Undo (enable/disable).

NEW on iWriteMusic 2
– Playbacks.
– Direct printout via AirPrint.
– Harmony (Not just single notes any more).
– Partial transpose.
– Rhythmic notation.
– Slur.
– More adjustment options on page view.
– No bar limit (Write as much as you need).

– Must have iOS4.2 or higher for AirPrint.
– Must have iOS5 for Playback.
– The response of playbacks and drawing is vary and may be limited depends on the device capability, numbers of tracks and the apps running in background.

For More Information, Visit:

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Audacity editing tips and tricks.
More free video tutorais at

YouTube:  Audacity   –   Wikipedia:  Audacity

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We had a specific request from a customer who needs to have precisely 6 seconds of silence at the beginning of his audio backing tracks so that he can begin playing at the exact moment the music begins. This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the open source audio editing program Audacity to insert an exact amount of silence to the beginning of an audio file, and then export to MP3 format.

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