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Tension and release is a common theme in music.

This is the inagural video for the series, so expect the bumps (editing, video and sound issues) to be smoothed out over the course of time.

Some more pieces to check out for tension and release:
More Ligeti:
Oingo Boingo:
Rusko (Netsky remix):
Reich (minimalism):

Tension and release are in pretty much everything.

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After his recent debut with the New York Philharmonic and recording his latest album for
Deutsche Grammophon, remarkable 17-year-old piano phenomenon Jan Lisiecki performed for an intimate crowd of about 300 people at the Rancho Mirage, CA Public Library.

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This video talks about the AP Exam Free Response Question 6 using roman numerals with inversions for partwriting.

Produced for WHS AP Music Theory

Moment Of Surrender

June 27, 2013

Brian Eno talks about Moment Of Surrender

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U2 360 tour – concert video from “U2 360 at the Rose Bowl” DVD

U2  –  Moment Of Surrender   –   Live At The Rose Bowl