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The Miles Davis Story

July 22, 2013

Story of Sir Miles Davis’ life and his music.

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In this clip from – Steve Schnur is the Worldwide Executive for EA Games. In this clip, Schnur recommends that artists and composers who are interested in getting their music into video games should always be networking, playing live, and creating a buzz about their band. For composers, Schnur recommends that composers get agents to represent them and build their connections.

NOTES:  Natural, relaxed chemistry   –   Co-creation mutual respect   –   Balance of voice projection (each with unique musical personality, blending with the other   –   It’s all about the Music, No Ego   –   Deep harmonization with ensemble   –   Deep Higher Self connection with the meanings and story of the song   –   Creative use if silence ( pauses )   –   Use of tempo rubato   –   Punctuated words or syllables   –   Feeling and shaping each phrase ( phrasing )   –  Making the lyrics sound conversational   –   Body gestures reflect emotional points in the melody   –   Phrase repeats are opportunity to alter melody slightly or slightly improvise   –   Pull your listener into your “heart-space”   –   There might be emotional climax at end of song   –   The tonality of your voice can be inflected for emphasis   –   Study the Human Voice   –   A  Voice Coach  can help you develop your singing style and technique.

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kd and Tony share a brief interview with Phil Ramone interspersed with clips of them recording the song Because of You for Tony Bennett’s tribute duets album.

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