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In this video we teach cool rhythmic ideas you can do by using exotic scales like the Phrygian Dominent or Spanish Gypsy mode. Get creative with them and try with different scales and modes.

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Today’s lick pays homage to the playing of blues legends Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lightnin’ Hopkins. It’s a short but action-packed lick in the key of A, played out of the open position and incorporating lots of quick finger slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and open strings.

You’ll notice the fraction “1/4” at the top of the bend arrows for the high G note (high E string, third fret) in bar 1 and the low G (low E string, third fret) in bar 2; this indicates my use of microtonal quarter-step bends. With a microtonal bend, the string is bent just a little bit, approximately halfway between the third and fourth fret in each case here. It adds a little “sass” and attitude to the note, unlike a bend that raises a note up to a new, specific pitch.

The tempo is 100 beats per minute, 64 for slow practice.

Walking Bass – Tutorial

October 10, 2013

Blues Keyboard Walking Bass

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Charlie Parker inspired jazz bebop licks learn how to swing the notes jazzy guitar lesson

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