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In this clip from – Saxophonist Benny Golson gives a performance of “Along Came Betty” in front of an audience of jazz students as the culmination of a master class in playing jazz held at Loyola University, New Orleans, and discusses how he wrote the song.

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Masterclass by Branford Marsalis, 2009.
Franz von Chossy (p), Sean Frasciani (b), Joost Patocka (d), Ben van Gelder (as), Caspar van Wijck (ts).
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Dave Frank·80 videos Designed for jazz piano lovers, this in-depth master class explores 15 cool concepts to expand one’s improv potential! Includes various LH patterns and concepts, comping concepts, stride-type piano, playing outside, contrapuntal playing, call and response, trading fours, and many more:) Pianofreaks, you will LUV this!