Published on May 11, 2015

Check out my Website where you can find handouts and other videos about basic music theory and much more! Table of Contents Intro: 0:00 Sharp Rule Without Key Signature: 1:08 Sharp Rule With Key Signature: 4:47 Flat Rule Without Key Signature: 7:08 Flat Rule With Key Signature: 10:15 Minor Key Signature: 12:30 Examples: 15:39 Scale Degrees: 21:28 Harmonic & Melodic Minor Scales: 26:04 Interval Definition & Types of Intervals: 30:55 Calculating Intervals: 36:12 Chromatic Intervals: 40:08 Compound Intervals: 47:41 Conclusion: 50:05


Here are two versions of a fun exercise I just saw on the Bass Guitar Scales FB group. They have us ascent the major scale in 3rds using two of the more common major scale patterns. I just tried it out using the minor scale, and like it a lot. There’s a nice, consonant sound […]

via Broken 3rds scale exercise from Bass Guitar Scales group — Ugly Bass Face

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This video talks about all the unique relationships in Music Theory to the number 7.
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Next up, check out how rhythm works:
or more about chords:
or how major and minor keys work:

This lesson is on chords, how they work, and the basic intervals that make them up. Learning the underlying music theory behind chords will not only allow you to find any chord you want, anywhere you want, it will also give you a solid foundation to build your entire understanding of music theory on.

I have a bachelor’s in music (I took about a billion theory courses), and I’m a full time music teacher. After trying to help so many people learn music theory, I’ve decided that this is the best, most useful and most easily understood way into music theory. You don’t need to know anything about music to get started on this, other than the names of the notes (and if you don’t know that then google it; it’s cake). Have fun.