How To Sound Like A Piano Pro – Create GREAT Performances From Melody And Chords || Part 1 of 3

How To Sound Like A Piano Pro – Create GREAT Performances From Melody And Chords || Part 2 of 3

Yasuhisa Tanaka
Published on Oct 24, 2010

Duet 02 Old Castle, by the River, in the Middle of a Forest

Comment by Joseph Armand

Ok. Piano virtuosity doesn’t come any plainer than this. Two peerless players…’playing’ together. The loosest, tightest example of improvisation around. Points countered. Absolute respect. Old master…young brilliant. Absolutely in synch…dancing, chasing, clashing, arguing, talking, dreaming. These are 13 magical moments of which you won’t find a musical equivalence.

Bill Hilton
Published on May 27, 2019… ↓↓↓MORE LINKS AND DOWNLOADS BELOW↓↓↓

Vocalization is an incredibly useful technique to improve your piano improvisation – one used by major stars of jazz and blues piano in particular, though it’s used across the piano playing spectrum from pop to classical.

The basic idea is that vocalization allows you to tune into your intuitive musicality to save yourself being too consciously technical when you’re improvising at the piano keyboard. The piano is basically a machine, and it’s very easy to get tied up in the logic process of deciding which key to press when, which chord to use in particular places and so on – and that’s even before you get on to thinking about what to do with the pedals and how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of different pianos.

In this piano tutorial I introduce vocalization by working through a pretty straightforward eight-bar improvisation exercise that you should be able to manage as long as you’re familiar with some basic chords – or you’re willing to copy the chords I’m playing on the keyboard – and you know the names of the notes on the piano.

Vocalising as you improvising won’t magically make you into a piano improvisation genius overnight, but it will help you produce much more natural-sounding improvised lines, especially when improvising melodically in the right hand. Beware, though – if you incorporate this into your piano practice anyone listen to you might think you’re a bit weird! Vocalization is definitely worth the effort, though, so give it a go.

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Clarinet Improvisation

May 28, 2019

SIMPLE piano trick to make you sound ADVANCED: Stacking chords in fifths


Published on Oct 20, 2017

If you want to step up your piano skills, come in and learn this straightforward trick that produces an amazing sound: playing chords in fifths! This is so simple but sounds so good that everyone should know it. I’ll show you what this trick is about, demonstrate how it sounds and give you a neat way to practice it by playing the major scale in a way you’ve never seen before ;).


on Jun 5, 2018

This was inspired by two wonderful instruments – a Bechstein Upright and a Fazioli 2m80 grand one night at the Concert Hall of BA Trossingen, Germany. It is part of the Album “Felt on Strings” 2018 by Florian Sitzmann – find more information on

As a listener,

I’ve long found myself seeking musical experiences

that generate a kind of sustained ecstatic energy

from a foundation of rigorous thought and technique.

Gaining access to that plane as a solo improviser

is a particularly challenging task.

It takes a special type of artist who

engages deeply with the details of sound,…

via Polyphony and Storytelling: A Conversation with Nate Wooley on Solo Improvisation — NewMusicBox – NewMusicBox


Published on Sep 8, 2017

Astonishing Piano improvisation by 12 year old Alma Deutsher for Alan Yentob for BBC imagine.

Bass+Flute Improvisation

February 25, 2018

Published on Jan 17, 2017

Roman Bezinovsky and Antonina Tochiltsyna play bass & flute improvisation. Hope you like it! Tech specs: Bass guitar is recorded with DI-box; The guitar itself is made by Alexander Sirota; The flute is recorded with AKG C414; Mixed with Universal Audio 4-710D; At Gaity Records, Sergiev Posad, Russia. Guitar – Roman Bezinovsky ( Flute – Antonina Tochiltsyna (


Chris Harrington 


It’s tough choosing a tonality when chords move by half step. Here is a method that gives good results.

via Improvising Over Chromatic Passing Chords —

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Charlie Albright, Pianist – Improviser



Artist: Charlie Albright
Genre: Solo keyboard
Period: 21st century