Today we will go over the intro lick (:28 in) to the opening tune of BB King’s iconic album Live at the Regal, “Every Day I Have the Blues”. First off, I should mention this is probably my (Brendan) favorite blues album. I can listen to this over and over, and this lick is vintage BB. […]

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July 25, 2015


this short video will explain 2 basic rules to help you get started with vocal improvisation.

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Eric Clapton performs “Got To Get Better” live from the 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD. The CD, DVD & Blu Ray will be available November 19th.

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Jazz pianist Michael Wolff explains five basic harmonic concepts to play over jazz chord changes,


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Theoretically speaking, a melodic pattern is an intervallic and rhythmic repetition of notes, which you usually sequence through a scale or arpeggio. Technically speaking, melodic patterns are generally studied to build dexterity, and are especially useful for getting your picking and fretting hands in synch. Creatively speaking, melodic patterns are the building blocks of improvisation and composition. This new intensive from Brad Carlton, covers all three bases.

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