Wynton Marsalis

Saxophone Concert

March 17, 2017





Saxophone – Paul Gonzalves


OSG Sinfonietta
José A. Trigueros, director
Enero 2013

Ludwig Dürichen, violín
Julian Gil, violín
Luigi Mazzucato, viola
David Ethève, violonchelo
Todd Williamson, contrabajo
María José Ortuño, flauta
David Villa, oboe
Iván Marín, clarinete
Alex Salgueiro, fagot


Born in 1944 Karl Jenkins studied music at the University of Wales, Cardiff and at the famous conservatory the Royal Academy of Music in London. Initially a Jazz and Pop musician (with appearances for instance at the Ronnie Scott club in London and the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island) Jenkins is seen today more and more as a classical composer. A career that developed via exceptional Pop music to his spectacular musical language of today. Jenkins and his musical band members have always been highly successful as awards such as the first prize with Nucleus, a band he founded in 1969 with Ian Carr, show. This group, with Chris Spedding on guitar, recording several albums and won first prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Later Jenkins toured the USA and Europe with jet another well known group called Soft Machine. In this period Karl Jenkins revealed himself as a successful composer composing many compositions for advertising purposes such as the advertise campaigns of i.e. British Airways, Renault, Volvos and Pepsi. For this he was honoured with prestigious awards like the Clios (New York) and the Golden Lions (Cannes). One of his best known works in this genre he composed for the DeBeers commercial made circa 1993. It is known best today as the first movement, the Allegro, of the Concerto Grosso Palladio that Jenkins originally wrote for String Orchestra. The titel ‘Palladio’ goes back to the great Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio (1508 1580) who, as is thought today, helped with his beautiful buildings to shape the world that surrounds us.
Today many arrangements for various music ensembles of Jenkins’ beautiful ‘Palladio’ exist. One of these for instance was made for harp solo with orchestra accompaniment. It was performed in the St. David’s Hall in Cardiff in honour of Karl Jenkins’ 60th birthday, an occasion at which ‘Palladio’ was performed by Catrin Finch on harp and conducted by Karl Jenkins himself (see a video of that performance here on youtube:

In this video shown here, ‘Palladio’ is performed by the Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra HET CONSORT conducted by Alex Timmerman.
More information about the concerts, CDs and activities of the Mandolin Orchestra HET CONSORT can be found on their website:

wild Up

http://www.wildUp.LA : : http://www.facebook.com/wildUp

Igor Stravinsky
Dumbarton Oaks Concerto

wild Up, modern music collective
live at the Jensen Rec Center Studio
Los Angeles, CA

Voices of Music

Voices of Music performs “La Cupis,” a movement from Rameau’s Cinquième Concert. Live, HD video from the the “Let’s Dance” concert in San Francisco, February, 2012.
An anonymous manuscript, titled Concerts en Sextuors and probably dating from the 1750s, contains an interesting arrangement of six of Rameau’s works scored for a
group of six strings. In some cases, solo works for harpsichord are used as the model, in others, the music is sourced from Rameau’s ensemble compositions for
harpsichord, violin (or flute) and viola da gamba from 1741, Pièces de clavecin en concert. What is unusual about this manuscript is that the virtuosic parts for the
harpsichord are given to the string instruments: the arranger had a canny knowledge of Rameau’s harmonic style, and was able to skillfully integrate extended harmonic
sequences into the score. The ms. comes from the library of Jacques-Joseph-Marie Decroix, and although there is no evidence to support the theory that he was the
arranger he is often given credit by virtue of ownership. There were many brilliant composers in France who had the ability to revise the compositions, but we may
never know for sure who made these arrangements: it is customary in these cases to look to the students—Rameau dedicated many works to students and fellow
composers—likely candidates include the encyclopedist Diderot, Anne Jeanne Boucon, Claude Balbastre and Antoine Davergne. The works have fanciful titles that
sometimes include Rameau’s colleagues; La Cupis refers to Jean-Baptiste Cupis, the French violinist.
Musicians (left to right, front to back)
Carla Moore & Kati Kyme, baroque violins
Elisabeth Reed, viola da gamba
David Tayler, archlute
Maxine Nemerovsky, baroque violin
Lisa Grodin, baroque viola
Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord
William Skeen, violone

Salvo Cracchiolo·6 videos


truedrum·10 videos

This performance took place in Eindhoven, Netherlands as the final round of the 2010 TROMP Percussion Competition. Brabants Orkest conducted by Hans Leenders. For more information on Mike, please visit http://www.miketruesdell.com

TheFrankVignola·51 videos

Frank Vignola – http://www.FrankVignola.com

hidesuke1948·208 videos


Fred Sturm·18 videos

Illustration of the recomposition process in the transformation of the jazz/popular standard “All of Me” into Fred Sturm’s large jazz ensemble work “Take It All.” Hear complete audio recording without voiceover and sample other Sturm compositions and arrangements online at http://www.fredsturm.com/

silkroadproject·44 videos

Pipa virtuoso Wu Man moved from China to the U.S. in 1990. In this video, she discusses how she learned to play the pipa, a Chinese lute, and about joining the international Silk Road Ensemble. She explores her role as a musician navigating between cultures.

For more information, visit http://silkroadproject.org

To see Wu Man perform “Night Thoughts,” the piece featured in this video, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_H0p9…

NPR Music·469 videos

Can’t take another moment of Vivaldi’s ubiquitous Four Seasons? Neither could Max Richter, a London-based composer who deftly blurs the lines between the classical and electronic worlds. Long ago he loved it the piece but like some of us, he grew tired of the overplayed warhorse, which can be found in no fewer than 250 recordings on sites like ArchivMusic.

So instead of writing off the piece forever, Richter rewrote it. He discarded about three quarters of Vivaldi’s original, substituted his own music and tucked in some light electronics for a total Four Seasons makeover. It sounds a little hipper — lighter on its feet in places, darker and more cinematic in others. Still, Richter’s remodeled version retains the basic shape, and much of the spirit, of the master’s original four violin concertos — each about ten minutes and in three movements, sequenced fast-slow-fast.

Richter recorded his rejiggered Seasons with violin soloist Daniel Hope and together they brought the project to (Le) Poisson Rouge, the Greenwich Village music space, where we had our cameras set up and ready to roll.

nagualiorchestra·118 videos

Austin Casey·601 videos

Trombone Shorty being featured with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis from 2000.

Lully – Purcell – Rameau

September 10, 2013

Concert de musique baroque musicale sous la direction d’Emmanuelle Haïm


jebatarjunakee·43 videos

Igor Stravinsky – Ragtime for 11 instruments

Kevin Field, conductor

Andrew Ng, violin I
Wong Lu Ee, violin II
Jebat Kee, viola
Oh Beng Yew, double bass
Vincent Kok, flute
Tan Boon Ping, clarinet
Wong Wen-Qi, trumpet
Mustaqim Abdullah, trombone
Song Ching Ling, french horn
Tan Su Yin, percussion
Lee Aik-Hong, piano