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Full album + bonus tracks – 1977 Kraftwerk Made in Germany More than 40 years since Kraftwerk recorded this studio album in 1976. Futuristic and techno at the time and critically acclaimed to this day. Excerpt from Trans-Europe Express has also appeared on top album lists from a variety of sources. In 2001, TV network […]

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Fkj & Masego – Tadow

December 19, 2017


Published on May 24, 2017



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Legendary French electronic music composer, producer & performer Jean-Michel Jarre talks to Digital DJ Tips’ Phil Morse about his long career, making music, and what young DJ/producers should do to succeed. Join us:



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AVSynth, audio only, rhythms using (2) cross-patched Swoops, (2) Fourses, with Denum as stereo ouput, ext in/env generator and contact mic. track

via w2 recorded July 25, 2016 — Noh TV


Music by Chuck Wild Liquid Mind VI: Spirit – Velvet Morning. Backing vocals by A. J. Teshin and Michael Seven Whitfield. Images courtesy of NASA, ESA, ESO, Goddard Space Flight Center and The Hubble Space Telescope.


Jun 17 2013

“Modulation” is one of the most important terms in music, and it gets used in so many ways! In this series of videos, made as a collaboration between Berklee and Beatport, I explore the importance of modulation within synthesis and using Native Instruments Massive and Kontakt. The great thing about these techniques is that they provide a starting point for an infinite number of sounds perfect for dance music(and other styles for sure). We start with a basic overview of synthesis and modulation, then we dive into two important techniques Risers and Rhythmic modulation. If you are comfortable with synthesis and modulation I would suggest you skip the first 3 videos and jump right in on the Massive Riser Modulation and Kontakt Rhythmic Modulation videos.  Enjoy!

Here is a link to the videos on Beatport.

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Loudon Stearns




In this tutorial, I will teach you How to make a HUGE Avicii/Seven Lions Pad in NI Massive!
More tutorials to come!
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Liquid Mind – Unity

February 11, 2015




Artist: Tunguska Electronic Music Society
Album: Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol. 1
Track: Pavel Fomitchov – Shutting Stars

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NOTE:  Creative Process:  This ensemble creates an ethereal, floating awareness. Some techniques  –  Layers of sound,  drone tones, Using voice sa an instrument, Melodic Fragments, Bending of Notes, repeated bass notes set off a body vibration, increasing division of beat for repeated notes, gradual increase of melodic dialogue  –  Can you identify other creation devices and musical events?  Exercise your deep listening skills.

synoneiro·774 videos

Jez Creek – iPad, iPod Touch, Bugbrand Boardweevil, Korg Monotron
James Lynch – Korg MicroSampler, Kaossilator Pro
Ola Szmidt – vocals, Loopstation, effects
Jim Tetlow – laptop with keyboard, cajón
Chris Conway


Israel netto camargo·9 videos


Thomas Storey

A GCSE Analysis of Electric Counterpoint, by Steve Reich.

Hopefully it will help people with their GCSE Music revision; if you find it helpful, give it a like!

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Sarah Wallin Huff·95 videos

Protean Soundwaves·531 videos

1 Thousand Star 0:00
2 Flow Of Time’s Arrow 8:16
3 Belle Époque 3012 15:38
4 The Visionary 23:55
5 Course Projection On Tactical 33:00
6 Enroute To Delta Pavonis 40:08
7 Nostalgia For Infinity 52:28