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1960 broadcast of Mahler Chapter on the famous TV series conduct By Bernstein.
It is at least funny for nowadays patterns to listen Bernstein talking about Mahler, as a composer not so famous like Beethoven or Ravel in 1960.

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Daniele Roccato, double bass; Marco Tezza, piano.
Live in Perugia (Italy) on January the 25th, at Auditorium “Morlacchi”

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Soloist Janine Jansen plays her 1727 Stradivari “Barrere” violin, in this popular Vaughan Williams masterpiece. From the BBC Proms 2003.

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Read in depth information about each movement on this YouTube link. Please click on the More link.

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Presented in conjunction with Art of Another Kind: International Abstraction and the Guggenheim 1949-1960, the rotunda performance, Composing with Patterns: Music at Mid-Century featured experimental 1950s music played by an all-star ensemble of musicians directed by Christopher McIntyre. A talk by R. Luke DuBois and curatorial introduction by Tracey Bashkoff preceded the performance.

Lecture on Music at Mid-Century by R. Luke DuBois

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I still can’t quite believe how many hits this vid has gotten. thanks for your support. -gumbomasta 10-2010

No sheet music, no chord charts. This music is 100% made up on the spot. Using only our ears and our musical instincts, Kamel and I join forces and bring you original jams in the classical mode. Both of us had been doing improvised music in various forms (jazz, classical, electronic music, etc) for some time, and this video was clearly born from a particular time and place. Perhaps there will be a reunion someday…