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Prelude & Liebstod from Tristan und Isolde Leonard Bernstein (conductor) Boston Symphony Orchestra


WAGNER – Tristan und Isolde – Prelude and Liebestod (Georg Solti – Chicago Symphony Orchestra)





Produced for WHS AP Music Theory

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A closer look at solfege and how it applies to the major scale, the three forms of minor and chromaticism

Orchestral Version

Piano Version  w Score

Harmonic Analysis

Makiko Hirata·15 videos

Diatonic music uses only the notes available within the scale, and chromaticism uses notes outside of the members of a key’s scale. The stem of the word, Chromaticism, comes from Greek and it means intensity or shade of colors. Adding chromaticism to a diatonic music is to introduce colors into an otherwise plain music.

The example used in this episode is:
– Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
-The theme and the first variation from ‘Ah, vous dirai-je maman’ Variations K.265/300e (1782) by Mozart (1756-91)

“Poco Piano” is a series of introductory talks and demonstrations about classical music by pianist, Makiko Hirata. For more information on Makiko and her CDs please go to:…

The project was made possible with the help and support of many wonderful artists and friends, including Mark Rodrieg (sound recording), Francis X. Schmidt (sound mixing) and all of the staff at the Digital Media Center at Rice University, especially Nadalia Y. Liu.

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