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César FRANCK: Violin Sonata in A major (1886) M. 8
0:10 / I. Allegretto ben moderato [5’38”]
5:51 / II. Allegro – Quasi lento – Tempo I (Allegro) [7’02”] –12:59 applause
13:10 / III. Recitativo-Fantasia (Ben moderato-Largamente-Molto vivace) [6’25”]
19:37 / IV. Allegretto poco mosso [5’29”]
25:06 applause
Ruggiero RICCI, violin – Martha ARGERICH, piano (Golden Jubilee Concert – Live rec: October 20, 1979 – Carnegie Hall, New York / (p) 1985 Etcetera Records)

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Blues improvisation by Luca Sestak, 17, who began to play piano at age 9 and taught himself to play blues and boogie woogie and achieved an incredible level of excellence. Enjoy more of his outstanding talent and impressive repertoire at http://www.piano99.de
Please listen to Luca’s four new pieces on the Media/Audio page of his webpage. They are, I think, the best pieces he ever played