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Thanks to Gaylordrama for suggesting a follow up video! I am discussing where Major/Minor/Dominant 9, #9, and flat 9 chords are used.


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If you struggle, your eyes glaze over & you start sweating profusely trying to make sense out of extended chord symbols.. this lesson will come to the rescue & eliminate your frustration!! Using the chapter on “Plurality” one chord is part of another, you can quickly memorize these larger extended chords by linking triads (3 part chords). Ex: CMa7 ( C E G B ) has an Em chord ( E G B) inside it.. spread across both hands, play LH C chord + RH Em = CMa7..or play only C root in LH + Em in RH, other ex: ( LH C + Edim = C7) ( C + Em7= CMa9) (C + Gm7 = C11) ( C + BbMa7 = C13 ) See “Let’s Enjoy Piano Self-Expression Method” website for details and order a copy! Enjoy!!