Fundamentals Lesson – Beat – Division of the Beat

Musical Rhythm – 8th and 16th notes

Strum Patterns for Beginners – Rhythm – guitarjamzdotcom

Duane Shinn – 3 Basic Elements Of Music – Melody, Rhythm & Harmony

Michaeel New – How Rhythm Works – Music Theory Lesson

Phrase Rhythm: Upbeats and Afterbeats

AP Music Theory: Music Meter – Simple, Compound, Complex and Multi Meter, Irregular, Rhythms



Sentris: a new retro-style rhythm puzzle music game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC



Irregular & Odd Meter Time Signatures



How Music Works – Rhythm – Accent, Syncopation

Music Theory 103: Rhythm – 10 Syncopation

Hal Galper Master Class – Rhythm and Syncopation




Bill Hinton – A rhythm exercise for pop piano comps

Bill Hilton – Practicing Swing Rhythms on the Piano

Creativity, Rhythm and Education – Chris Brien – TEDxHongKongED

Jazz Rhythm Exercise* Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery Jazz Instructional DVD

S4 Rhythm Composer Pro

Nick Heward & The Elements of Style – Live @ The Rhythm Room

Simo Lazarov – Rhythmic Layers and Lights – 1989 Electronic Music Festival – Goce Deltchev

Goforth – Left Hand Piano Rhythm Pattern for Ballads – (1-5-1-2-3)



Jojo Mayer explaining and demonstrating polyrhythms



How to play duplets against triplets or 2s against 3s rhythms on piano

How to Read Music – Lesson 19 – Triplets and Duplets



Marvia Providence – Caribbean Rhythms


Reuben Vincent – 5 Tips for Teaching Rhythm Composition (ABRSM) – 5-6-15


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