blue guitar



Guitar Artists

New Artist Showcase – Tina, Guitar Virtuoso from France

Guitar John Abercrombie – Love song


Guitar Lesson

GuitarControlChannel – Ridiculously Simple Lead Guitar Lesson for Beginners

Guitar Lesson – Advanced Blues Improvisation Concept

Johnny Alegre’s Jazz Guitar Workshop @ Tiendesitas Super Jazz Weekend – Part 1: “The Experience”


Guitar Licks

CreativeGuitarStudio – Playing Licks Between Chord Changes



Guitar Scales

Relative Major and Minor Scales for Guitar

5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes You Must Know – GuitarHabits


Guitar Styles

Strum Patterns for Beginners – Rhythm – guitarjamzdotcom

Toby Hack – Guitar lesson, Barre Chords Technique

Flamenco Guitar


Chords Using 4ths

JustinGuitar – Chords Built In 4ths



guitar vs bass battle

June 13 – My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 164 – My Taylor Acoustic Guitar

My Transcription of Allan Holdsworth’s Electric Guitar Solo on “In the Dead of Night”


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