Benny Goodman – Documentary Video Clips

Great Composers – Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus – Musical Biography

Michael Feinstein – The Gershwins – Preserving an American Cultural Legacy

Cassidy Hodges – Worth Repeating – Documentary on Songwriting

Ludwig van Beethoven – BBC Documentary – Parts: 01-09

Ludwig van Beethoven BBC Documentary – Parts 10 – 18

George Frederick Handel – BBC Documentary

Derek Paravacini – The Musical Genius – Documentary

Chinese Classical Music Composers Documentary

Composer Marco Missianto – Unfolding Secrets – Symphony of the Heart Documentary

Mamas and the Papas – Music Documentary

Franz Joseph Haydn – BBC Documentary

Sound And The Story – 1956 RCA Victor Vinyl Records – Educational Documentary

Antonin Dvorak – Documentary

Funk Music Documentary

The Beatles at Cavern – Full Documentary

SongWorks – Mini-Documentary

Eric Clapton – Documentary

Documentary Paul Whiteman

Documentary Paul Whiteman

Modulations – History Of Electronic Dance Music Documentary

A History Of House Music – Documentary – Pump Up The Volume

Moog Documentary

Reggae – The Story Of Jamaican Music BBC Documentary

Oscar Peterson Documentary – Music in the Key of Oscar

Beethoven Documentary – Genius of Beethoven – The Rebel

BBC Mozart Documentary – The Genius of Mozart – Miracle of Nature

Chick Corea: Documentary of Legendary Jazz Great, Pianist and Composer, Chick Corea (Pt. 1)

Johann Sebastian Bach BBC Documentary

Miles Davis Story – Documentary

Walk On By – 1, 2, 3 Of 23 – BBC Documentary – The Story Of Popular Song – Stardust – The Jazz Singers

Queens of Jazz – The Joy and Pain of the Jazz Divas




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