Composers You Should Know Part 2

The Composers – Full Uncensored Interview

All composers – Why do you choose to write choral music?

Jay Weigel On Composers and Social Networking

Nick Harmsen – ‘Everybody goes about it in a different way’: An interview with guest artist Nick Harmsen – 5-22-14

Composer Hankus Netsky talks about BandQuest

LSO Soundhub – Platform for Emerging Composers – 2014

New York Composers Circle 2014 at DiMenna

Advice for composers getting started – CMNZ Chamber Music Contest

32nd Asian Composers League Festival and Conference

Classical Composers: Where to Start?

Meet the Composers – Luke Paulding

Meet the Composers – Sally Whitwell

Celebrating Composers – Day 1:Thomas Regin

The Berkeley Ensemble on how their New Cobbett Prize provides exposure for new composers

Violin Music by Women Composers

Tribute to Greatest Women Composers in History of Classical Music

Composers of Western Classical Music – Visualised

Famous Operas and Composers App debuts on Android

Koussevitsky and American composers

Chinese Classical Music Composers Documentary

Composers Roundtable Full Interview

Steve Schnur: Advice for Artists and Composers Wanting to get into Video Games

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