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Resources for Video Game Music Composers – The Big List 2020 

Game Music and Empathy: How Game Composers Can Enhance Virtual Presence (Pt. 3) 

LSO Soundhub – a platform for emerging composers


Composers – in Residence

Game Composers – Inside The Studio 

John Rutter – Advice for Emerging Composers 

Horacio Lavandera – Compositores Argentinos – Tribute to Argentinian Composers Full Concert

Women Composers

Famous Women Composers – International Womens’ Day

A playlist for International Woman’s Day MARCH 8, 2018 Music by female composers by Cross Eyed Pianist

Carl Vine – Advice to Emerging Composers 

Composers of Ecuador

5 Female Composers Among 9 Winners of 2017 BMI Student Composer Awards 

Baltic Youth Philharmonic (BYP): Composers’ workshop 2011 with Daniel Schnyder

Composers from Poland 

Nineteenth Century History: 1820-1830 {Composers of the Romantic Period}

Meet the composers – Amadeus Julian Regucera

Women classical composers – the January edition

Meet the composers – Andrew Aronowicz 

Opportunity: NCEM Young Composers Award 2017 — The Arts in Wiltshire

Open Letter to New Composers | Ongaku Concept – Video Game Music Theory

Top 10 Video Game Music Composers 

SCORE EXCHANGE – For Composers 

Gabriel Kahane – Advice for Young Composers

Advice for Young Composers

Robot Composers – The Future of Music? – They’re Here Now!

Gustavo Dudamel and Osvaldo Golijov on Latin American Composers 

Top Composers Give Advice On How To Break Into The Industry

Young Composers Project – Meet the mentors – Jack McNeill 

Icelandic Composers

Jeff Rona On Advice for Aspiring Film Composers

Nadia Boulanger – Teacher of 20th Century Composers

Art of Composing: Road Blocks Beginning Composers Face

Female composers and “the new complexity”

Great Composers – Ludwig van Beethoven – Documentary

Top 10 classical composers of all time – Part 1 

Composer Notes: Why New Music Must Stand Up For It’s Composers

Jane Hurst – 5 Tips For Young Composers Who Want To Make Music People Actually Enjoy Listening To 

On How Composers Listen To Their Own Work 

Physiological and emotional arousals of music on composers/performers and listeners in the digital context

Society of Composers & Lyricists Seminar – Game Composer Winifred Phillips

Great Composers – Tchaikovsky

7 Greatest Contemporary Instrumental Music Composers

If composers had Facebook: Bach’s profile

Film Composers on the LSO 

March 26, 2015

2014 American Composers Alliance – Concert Excerpts

Danny Lux – Advice for Young Composers

Music by Composers Born on January 6th 

Concert Organs – French Composers

Heitor Villa-Lobos – Passionate Composer, Brazil

Great Divide at the Concer Hall

London Symphony Orchestra – 21st Century Composers

Canadian Composers

The Life Of Brahms – London Symphony Orchestra

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