Using Chords

Scales vs. Chords


Chord Voicings

Bill Hilton – How to play smooth right hand chords

Hooking an Audience With the Magic of Implied Chords



Polychords and Polychordism


Bass Lines

Scott Devine – Walking Bass lesson – Static Minor Chords – So What


Music Styles

15 Stylistic Elements for the Advanced Jazz Pianist – Master Class with Dave Frank

Clare Redfarn – Musical Composition Structure –

How Do Composers Know When a Musical Work is Finished?

Bill Evans – Conversations With Myself – Connecting Art and Technology

Art Of Composing – Lesson 1 – How to Write a Melody

Jennifer Higdon – The Process of Musical Composition

MN Varsity – Writing for Piano – Francesca Tortorello

Clark Ross – A Sampling of Ideas and Techniques for Composing – Music Composition Weblog


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