Chord Chart



Michael Pitluk – Music Theory for Beginners – C Major Scale – Building Chords from a Scale

4 Chords – 72 Songs

Michael New – How Basic Chords Work – Music Theory Lesson

Chords: Starting with triads

Rick Peckham – Guitar Chords – Berkleemusic Open House



Music Theory – Augmented and Diminished Chords



JustinGuitar – Chords Built In 4ths



Whole Tone Piano Chords Improvisation



Jazz and Extended Chords

Jazz Style Extended Chords

Saxophone Arpeggios – Extended Chords

9, b9, #9 Chords and How They Function



Hey Jazz Guy – Harmonic Continuity – Scale-Chords


Slash Chords – No More Mystery

Bear Rose – Slash Chords Rock

Major Seventh Chords Guitar Lesson Using The CAGED Method

“God Chords” – Composing, / Songwriting 

Bill Hilton – All the basic piano chords in one epic tutorial 

R & B Chords 

How To Build and Use Polychords Part 1 – by Rick Beato

Creating With Polychords

Intermediate Guitar 1 – G7, D7, G5, Cadd9, Em7 Chords

GARY EWER – Choosing the Chords That Work With Your Melody

BILL HILTON – Slash Chords – Explained in Five Minutes || Piano Questions Answered 

Understanding Chords: Building Progressions with Chord Families

Improvising Over Chromatic Passing Chords

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