Creating A Melody

Tom Sabin


In this clip from – Jeff Rona, an electronic music specialist and notable film composer, assesses the role of technology in a film composers work and the extent to which sequencers and computers are the modern film composers instrument.

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In March 2012, Future Music Magazine dropped in to the studio of Nicky Romero to find out how he created his hit track Toulouse. With tips on mixing, starting a track and creating a classic reverse reverb effect this is not to be missed!

You can get more production tips from Nicky by heading over to his channel and check out his latest production video Protocol LIVE: Studio Session with Nicky Romero #01…

iWriteMusic 2

December 15, 2013

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Summary of Version 2.0
Shows basics of note/rest entry, how to add/delete/reorder tracks, basics of page layout adjustment. Please check Version 2.3 for the latest information.

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Music iPad app S4 Rhythm Composer first look. Not another drum machine! In Play mode you can adjust filter and FX and use the Slicer function to cut up a sound on the fly. Roller is also a great inclusion. On the whole this is a great app and it’s free. Nice points: FX part sounds great when playing patterns live. Exporting your patterns is a breeze. Not great: Can’t change the default sounds. Get it free from the iTunes store.

Link for part 3


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Download my free Ableton e-book click the link below:
Ableton Live Certified Trainer HD tutorial: Learn the secrets to the music production process.

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Update: Some people have been saying they don’t have the MixLab V3.1 skin or it doesn’t fit their screen.

Can’t find skin?
Download it here and put it in your VirtualDJ skins folder located in My Documents. Do not unzip it, just leave the zip file in the Skins folder.….

VDJ Mix Lab V.3.1 skin doesn’t fit screen
The reason for this is that your screen resolution is too small. It requires a minimum of 1280 x 800 resolution which is native widescreen for many 14″, 15″ laptops. Any 4:3 aspect LCD or CRT should also support this but you need to set resolution at the minimum to 1280 x 1024 which can be done by right clicking at the desktop, going to properties and then Display and changing the slider there.
If your monitor doesn’t go any higher and it still doesn’t show the whole picture, then either A – Get a new monitor that does, or you can click the Maximize button next to the X button on the very top right to stretch it to fit your screen but it’ll be in a wonky looking aspect ratio.

Download VDJ trial…

The tracks used were
Scott Brown – Definition of a Badboy (Cheever Remix)
Compulsion & Orbit 1 – Got Any

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In Autumn 2011 Future Music headed to Stockholm to spend the day in the studio with rapidly rising house star Tim Bergling aka Avicii to see him create the basics of a new remix. That track would become Eric Turner vs Avicii – Dancing In My Head. Sit back and enjoy over an hour of Avicii at work.

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In this video I show you the fastest way to stretch a vocal track in Pro Tools while keeping the performance in pitch and sounding great. This is great for editing or remixing a song.

For the ultimate guide to learning Pro Tools, check out my in depth video series, REthink Pro Tools

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http:/ | Top Pro Tools tips from an engineer with credits including Tricky and Soul II Soul. Al Riley shows us how to get drums in time using Pro Tools’ Beat Detective. Al is at the helm of our Pro Tools courses here at GSS

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This is a short demo showing how guitarists can create full band backing using only a standard electric guitar. No keyboard, drums or other instrument skills required.

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Part II:…
Download your Free Guitar Backing Tracks (Mp3 + Lyrics LRC) made with Band In A Box Real Tracks.

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This video illustrates how to compose music by moving notes around the score and listening to the results in real time! The example focuses in a 3 step approach, where the 1st step is to create a rhythm, the 2nd step is to fashion a melody and the 3rd step is to craft the chords. HarmonyBuilder makes composing easy!

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Learn more about Loudon’s Composing and Producing Electronic Music course at:

Berkleemusic hosted an online Open House with instructor Loudon Stearns on February 23rd.

As a bass player, producer, and laptop musician, Loudon’s music can be heard on numerous documentaries and short films. While continuing his studies of composition, engineering, and sound design, he is currently pursuing a degree in physics as part of ongoing search for the answer to the question of life the universe and everything.

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Anti-jokes. Ha. First one is “Shaggy Dawg,” followed by “No Soap, Radio.” Composed by me June 17-18 using NWC, recorded with Camtasia

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In this clip from – Learning Pro Tools with Tim Hall is designed to provide a basic understanding of how to use Pro Tools 8. It covers topics such as how to use the mix and edit windows, the different types of tracks, recording, session organization, mixing, effects, automation, busing, editing, and bouncing.

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MuseScore  –  How To Channel