Elodie Gendreau

les perseguides

A1. Lonnie’s Lament 0:00
A2. Naima 10:16
A3. Chasin’ the Trane 18:20
A4. My Favorite Things 24:10

B1. Afro Blue 45:20
B2. Cousin Mary 53:03
B3. I want to talk about you 01:03:00
B4. Spiritual 01:11:19
B5. Impressions 01:23:48

John Coltrane — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
McCoy Tyner — piano
Jimmy Garrison — double bass
Elvin Jones — drums

Zsolt Réti


Miguel Tuna

Ella Fitzgerald – Pure Ella

February 26, 2015

rati saria



Linda Eder – Let Him Fly

February 21, 2015



Producer: Frank Wildhorn
Producer: Jeremy Roberts
Composer: Frank Wildhorn
Arranger: Jeremy Roberts
Lyricist: Nan Knighton



Maiza Gatti




Linda Eder Official YouTube

Linda Eder performs Vienna (from Rudolf by Frank Wildhorn, Jack Murphy & Nan Knighton) on Pop Goes the Fourth 2000 (07.04.2000)