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I still can’t quite believe how many hits this vid has gotten. thanks for your support. -gumbomasta 10-2010

No sheet music, no chord charts. This music is 100% made up on the spot. Using only our ears and our musical instincts, Kamel and I join forces and bring you original jams in the classical mode. Both of us had been doing improvised music in various forms (jazz, classical, electronic music, etc) for some time, and this video was clearly born from a particular time and place. Perhaps there will be a reunion someday…

Swinging Bach

July 23, 2013

Andrey1987altus·33 videos

Фестиваль И.С.Баха в джазовом преломлении.Организатор фестиваля Bobby McFerrin.

ashi510·12 videos

Victor has just finished conducting at one of his 80th birthday concerts and the crowd reaction was so good that the violinist, Anton Kontra, suggests an encore. No encore was planned but Monti’s Czardas, which Victor had heard before BUT HAD NEVER PLAYED, is suggested. Nevertheless, the two go at it and put on quite a show. Watch Victor’s facial expressions in the 2nd half as his partner escalates the action.

pianovsforte·15 videos

Off the cuff Piano improvisation 1 by Christopher Janwong McKiggan on 10/29/10. This is something that I’m experimenting with, as I have been asked numerous times to load my improvisations on youtube. If you enjoy it please share it with friends, let me know what you think and you can expect more to come soon!