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Cecil Lytle, Professor of Music and Provost, explores Beethoven’s use of the sonata – his development and early influences. He also performs Beethoven’s first sonata for piano. [1/1997] [Humanities] [Arts and Music] [Show ID: 1297 ]

Dave Jamrog


Nick Lapiccirella

Thomas playing Strauss Horn Concerto No. 1, Movement 3 along with piano accompaniment

Brian Mickley

Heavily edited version of Benjamen Zander’s 2008 Pop!Tech presentation for use in a university “Leadership” course.

With charismatic, subject expert, motivational leadership, Benjamen Zander transforms 15-year-old cellist Nikolai from a nervous and self-conscious student to a ‘performer’ before our very eyes.

Very inspirational video.

Dawn McGhee

Not intended to infringe upon copyright. This video is Wynton Marsalis Master Jazz Class and lessons for all young artists in pursuit of their dreams as a musician

Loyola CFMAE

Saxophonist Dick Oatts gives a masterclass at Loyola University New Orleans

Weyana UAE

The American violinist Joshua Bell took time out from his Abu Dhabi Festival performances to meet young musicians.

Paul Merkelo

Paul Merkelo giving a trumpet masterclass at Music Academy of the West, June 28th, 2013 (PART 1) – The opening solo from Mussorgsky’s pictures and exhibition

The Masterclass Media Foundation

Maxim Vengerov’s violin masterclass on Sibelius’s Concerto in D minor. In this clip, Vengerov focuses his attention on the different colours of the piece, teaching the student how to be the painter. The full 52-minute class is available to buy here:
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(Student: Eloisa-Fleur Thom)

The Masterclass Media Foundation films and records world-class musicians giving masterclasses and teaching students. The mission is both to give music students and other music lovers the chance to benefit from the inspired teaching of great musicians and to create an important archive for future generations.

Dawn McGhee


Mariachi Saxboutique



From the PBS series “Great Performances”, this Betamax video relic was taped in 1983 and shows Leonard Bernstein in three of his modes: Conductor, Soloist and Teacher. Divided into YouTube sized pieces this concert is uploaded on the 20th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s death in October, 1990. This final part was taped in 1983 at the LA Philharmonic Institute and shows Mr. Bernstein doing what he truly loved, teaching the art of conducting to a few of the lucky masterclass students at the institute.