Todd Brabec is the Vice President and Director of Membership for the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). In this interview, he talks about the close relationship between video games and film, the types of music in films, and the skills necessary for a songwriter or film composer.


In this clip from – Producer, arranger and songwriter Glen Ballard introduces himself and discusses his career, the fine art of collaboration, and various aspects of the songwriting and production process.


This session is structured to be useful for game audio pros, amateurs, and everyone in between. Work experience and the success, discovery and errors it brings are informative and useful tools. After writing and producing music since 1997 for close to 100 mobile, social and casual games, game composer and sound designer, Aaron Walz, has learned a few lessons and would like to share some of them. Perhaps some of them will make you nod and smile, or serve as reminders, or perhaps you will have an “aha” moment or two. Upon receiving a lot of emails with subjects like “how do I get into the field” and “please listen to my demos and provide feedback,” more insights have been gleaned and will be shared. Production and Composition will also be covered.

Delivered at Casual Connect Seattle, July 2012.

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Suzanne P is a Composer doing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Despite being told by a teacher at school that she would never make it, she says “I am a musician, there was never anything else”.Highlights at…

Classical Chops

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Classical Chops interviews famous composer Nico Muhly who gives great advice to young composers starting out

Classical Chops

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Classical Chops interviews TV composer Danny Lux who gives advice for young composers.


Gearwire’s multi-part interview series with television composer and musician Dave Huizenga has covered quite a lot of ground, but we’ve saved some of the best stuff for last. Plenty of people are curious about breaking into film and TV soundtrack work, but exactly what’s needed to get your foot in the door can be a mystery to newcomers.

One of the most important things you need is a demo that shows off your chops at writing music that matches the action on-screen. Kurtis Productions composer Dave Huizenga offers some excellent advice on what you can do to create the right kind of demo to impress prospective clients, and get yourself ready for the self-promotion game. Gearwire’s Joe Wallace asked Huizenga what it takes to get it all started.


Composer John Psathas talks about where to start, loving what you write and being inspired when it comes to composing.

The NZCT Chamber Music Contest is the longest running youth music competition in New Zealand and is the only nationwide chamber music competition for young secondary school musicians and composers in the country. It is presented annually by Chamber Music New Zealand. Find out more here:…