Vikingur Olafsson

Andante con tenerezza – With Sigrún Eðvaldsdóttir. violin, Stefán Jón Bernharðsson, horn, Víkingur Heiðar Ólafsson, piano. Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland, 12th August, 2006.

cagin·21 videos

The Unanswered Question 1973 6 The Poetry Of Earth Bernstein Norton

Clocks In Motion·27 videos

Dave Alcorn and Sean Kleve perform Filippo Santoro’s Duplum (2012).

The idea for this work arose some time ago while I was studying Berio’s Sequenzas and the musical grammar of the works of Franco Donatoni. The word Duplum carries multiple connotations that extend beyond its primary meaning, i.e., adding one voice to another that already exists. Duplum is semantically connected to the Latin word duplicare (meaning “to duplicate”). Through this connection, it also conveys the idea of something in nature that grows, proliferates, and changes into something else but maintains structural relation with its origin. Duplum is conceived in sections which I refer to as panels. In each panel there is a reiteration of “figure” (figures) that are characterized by sound, rhythmic articulation and gesture, and that are passed from one instrument to another, eventually evolving into other figure. The way in which panels follow each other with relations of either similarity or opposition generates the form of this work and is analogous to modularity in painting, which is sometimes described as the integration of partially independent and interacting units. – Filippo Santoro

Bora Yoon·19 videos

“O Viridissima Virga” (Hail, O’ Greenest Branch), an antiphon chant by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), newly arranged and innovated with modern day instruments and found sounds. The piece, using voice, organ, piano, Buddabox II, turntable, cell phone, chimestix, cups and diamonds, is performed within New York’s Church of the Ascension with Reykjavik’s Bedroom Community mates Ben Frost (organ) and Paul Corley (piano), Hilary Ryon & Karen Goldfeder (cups & diamonds). Finale performance of ( (( PHONATION )) ) record release, November 20th, 2008. Costume design by Ruth Pongstaphone & Joshua Schwartz of 2017.

Stéphan Aubé·13 videos

Rebonds B from Iannis Xenakis interpreted by Pedro Carneiro
Directed by Stéphan Aubé
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Steve Kornicki·11 videos

“Crystalline Structures Expanding (10′ 30” in E Minor)” combines elements of post-minimalism with electronica and ambient music styles and as the title suggests, is a study in the permutation of the pitches of the E minor scale, specifically (E, F#, G, A, B, D). At the 6 ½ minute mark, the tonality transitions briefly to E dorian by including C# before returning to the original key. Towards the end, the pitch A becomes dominant in the bass giving way to a repeating bass pattern on B concluding the work.

The music consists entirely of sounds constructed from recorded acoustic sources. Instruments (orchestra, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, toy piano, conga, various hand drums, cymbal, shakers, brake drum, hi-hat, African thumb piano) and various struck objects (cardboard box for bass drum, metal spoon, brass candlestick, tin can, metal bowl, etc.) that were electronically manipulated to produce new timbres and then arranged in rhythmic patterns via computer sequencer.

There is a version for solo percussionist performing with this music who alternates sections for glockenspiel and marimba exchanging melodic variations, repeating patterns and textural effects with the recorded instruments and sounds, thus producing synergetic combinations.