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Terry Robinson (of Purple Rhapsody) performed at The Piano Cloud Live concert in Milton Keynes on 16th March 2013.

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Can’t take another moment of Vivaldi’s ubiquitous Four Seasons? Neither could Max Richter, a London-based composer who deftly blurs the lines between the classical and electronic worlds. Long ago he loved it the piece but like some of us, he grew tired of the overplayed warhorse, which can be found in no fewer than 250 recordings on sites like ArchivMusic.

So instead of writing off the piece forever, Richter rewrote it. He discarded about three quarters of Vivaldi’s original, substituted his own music and tucked in some light electronics for a total Four Seasons makeover. It sounds a little hipper — lighter on its feet in places, darker and more cinematic in others. Still, Richter’s remodeled version retains the basic shape, and much of the spirit, of the master’s original four violin concertos — each about ten minutes and in three movements, sequenced fast-slow-fast.

Richter recorded his rejiggered Seasons with violin soloist Daniel Hope and together they brought the project to (Le) Poisson Rouge, the Greenwich Village music space, where we had our cameras set up and ready to roll.

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Composer Sean Shepherd talks about his new work Magiya, co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall and BBC Radio 3, specifically for NYO-USA. He had the exciting challenge of writing the very first notes played by the NYO-USA in its inaugural concerts. Visit http://www.carnegiehall.org/nyousa for more information.

Music: Excerpts from Dust for violin and piano by Sean Shepherd, performed by Benjamin Sung, violin, and Jihye Chang, piano. Courtesy of Albany Records.

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The National Young Composers Challenge is open to young musicians ages 13 to 18 who are U.S. residents.

The Challenge is simple. First, you can take part in a free full-day workshop with world-renowned composers and musicians. Then you write your own score for chamber ensemble or full orchestra. Finally, a panel of judges chooses the top three orchestral and top three ensemble compositions.


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In this clip from http://www.artistshousemusic.org – Frank J. Oteri, a composer and editor of New Music Box for the American Music Center, talks about how to get your compositions performed. Like any oportunity in life, it comes from who you know. Frank encourages young composers to not write a piece for a group that they do not have access to. Write and compose music that you know someone will play. One of the best resources for students are their professors and composers at their universities.

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Aaron ‘Laszlo’ Wheeler performs a solo piano arrangement of “Saintonge” from his album Radial Nerve, now available to buy on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/radi…

The recording was made in the recently built Lydian Studios in London, with Aaron is playing a Yamaha baby grand piano.

This is one of a series of videos: the ‘Lydian Sessions’ that intend to show some of the instrumental skill of Laszlo and his fellow musicians – hopefully giving you a better insight into the roots of the studio music.

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Debut Album ‘ Radial Nerve ‘ :

Following on from a string of fine releases in their opening year, Lydian Label are very proud to announce the release of their first album, from the ever impressive, forever intricate and extremely large compositional talent that is Laszlo (aka Aaron Wheeler). Each of the singles and EP releases taken from the album so far ‘NRV’, ‘Mr Sunshine’ and ‘Satori’ have drummed up an array of support from many parts of the world. Nothing really does these tracks justice until you hear them in the context of the album though, with each track leading into and complimenting one another sublimely.

At a point where he was well into a successful career in composing music for media, this is an album born out of the moment when Laszlo thought his musical profession was over. After breaking his right arm and the Radial Nerve to be precise (the album title), neither his arm nor fingers would move. The doctors were convinced he would never have the reactions to play the piano or any other instrument again. Luckily, this was not the case and once the healing process was over and the doctors were proven wrong, the first track on the album was created off the wave of emotion he was experiencing. The manic, intense feel to this title track ‘Radial Nerve’ is testament to this and with the wind in his sails, he started to experiment with processing organic live performances through ring modulators, granulators and other experimental fx using a wide variety of instruments including mandolin, piano, Rhodes, violins and accordian, thus the unique sound of the track was created.

Other tracks on the album cover a wide variety of moods and styles with Laszlo’s unique signature sound, from the feel good melodic ‘mr sunshine’ to the minimal laid back ‘anatolia, but the defining feature in all is the commitment to live instrumentation and compositional values that sometimes get distorted in modern electronica. All instrumental sounds were recorded live, no external samples from other records were used in the making of this album and the use of instrumentation ranges from traditional western instruments to lesser known, more ethnically diverse ones.

‘Satori’ is a display of Laszlo’s immense enthusiasm for the fusion of sound and textures, using primarily a diverse mixture of organic instruments such as piano, mandolin, flute (brilliantly played by the artist, Harmony) and vocal, blended with distinctive broken percussion and intelligent use of electronics. Then the laid-back summer polyphony of ‘NRV’ and the musical imaginings of ‘Saintonge’ are perfectly neighboured by the dreamy experimental elegance of ‘Zeitgeist’, and the hippy folk electronica of ‘Bohemian Groove’. Throughout the album Laszlo proudly serves up a feast of musical creativity that brings his myriad influences into one cohesive and beautifully imagined body of work.

With a successful career composing music for TV programmes and adverts across the world, as well as being a multi instrumentalist (playing piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, vocals, low whistle, dulcimer and percussion), Laszlo has previously worked on a variety of styles during his 10 years in the business, including world-crossover albums to more mainstream flavours. Never one to shy away from his influences, Laszlo cites these from the likes of Contemporary Jazz musicians such as Avishai Cohen and Esibourne Svensson as well as psychedelic virtuoso composers like Chick Corea, classic composers such as Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky to Ryuichi Sakamoto or Frank Zappa, as well as modern experimentalists like Aphex Twin, Akufen, Venetian Snares and Matthew Herbert.

This is further proof of Laszlo being more than just a producer with Logic Audio and a hard drive full of VSTs; this is a composer creating a sound of his own, using a wide variety of multi-instrumental skills whilst blending sophisticated endearing melodies with instrumentation and contemporary production.

Video filmed on Canon EOS 550D (rebel T2i) Digital DSLR Camera

Contemporary Youth Orchestra performs
New Era Dance
Aaron Jay Kernis, composer
Recorded LIVE
Cleveland Ohio
December 2010

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Nathan Grabow performs his original composition entitled Concertino in G Minor for Piano and Strings. It is being played here by the composer on piano and the Marywood University String Project Presto Orchestra. He wrote the piece when he was twelve years old and at the time of the performance is thirteen.

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The 7th annual Young Composers Challenge winners are:

String Trio 1 by Ryan Dodge – Winston-Salem, NC
Reverie & Song by Joseph Prior – Winter Park, FL
The Sailor by Bradley Kroehling – Merritt Island, FL
Shining Brass March by Caleb Bancroft – Oviedo, FL


April 5, 2013

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2011 Challenge
The 7th annual Young Composers Challenge winners are:
String Trio 1 by Ryan Dodge – Winston-Salem, NC
Reverie & Song by Joseph Prior – Winter Park, FL
The Sailor by Bradley Kroehling – Merritt Island, FL
Shining Brass March by Caleb Bancroft – Oviedo, FL

Full Orchestra
The New Frontier by Tyler Durham – Nixa, MO
Pillars of Creation by Stephen Spies – Alba

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Soloist – Ben Duinker
McGill Symphony Orchestra
Alexis Hauser, dir.

March 4th, 2010
Montreal, Canada

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Excerpts from the 100th performance of this work by Bertold Hummel with Peter Sadlo, Percussion / Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale RAI / Conductor: John Neschling / Torino 2003