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“Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made. (I try to act in that gap between the two.)”
— Robert Rauschenberg, 1959

Elegy for Robert Rauschenberg is an homage to an artist who was my personal hero, and my nemesis, in my student years. He was my hero because of the infallibility of his touch, and the constancy of his ability to invent and re-invent the potency and power of visual art — to push the boundaries of what art could be. He was my nemesis because I saw him as pure genius and his every gesture as perfection — conditions that were not, I thought, possible for others to attain. But my joy and delight in his work continued and my pleasure in talking with him from time to time over the years was enormous.

Curated by Paul Schimmel, “Robert Rauschenberg: Combines” was shown in early 2006 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. On seeing it there, and upon learning that there were no plans to film it, I asked Bob for permission to do so at the next venue, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

This elegy is dedicated to the memory of Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) and to the memory of his friendship with my late husband, Earle Brown (1926-2002), whose music has been intertwined and juxtaposed here with images of the glorious Combines.

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Presented in conjunction with Art of Another Kind: International Abstraction and the Guggenheim 1949-1960, the rotunda performance, Composing with Patterns: Music at Mid-Century featured experimental 1950s music played by an all-star ensemble of musicians directed by Christopher McIntyre. A talk by R. Luke DuBois and curatorial introduction by Tracey Bashkoff preceded the performance.

Lecture on Music at Mid-Century by R. Luke DuBois

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JUXTAPOSITIONS is a unique DVD collection focusing on contemporary music. Selected by imaginative film-music director Frank Scheffer, each DVD explores the world of a particular composer. The films in this highly acclaimed collection of documentaries present important works explained by experts or by the composers themselves. The recordings were made in close collaboration with the composers portrayed, their most famous interpreters and enthusiastic film-makers.
The films themselves are pieces of art, beautifully crafted in order to elucidate the composers’ works and lives. The viewer gets to know Pierre Boulez, Elliott Carter, Philipp Glass and Olivier Messiaen, composers who reshaped the contours of our musical landscape in the 20th century. With JUXTAPOSITIONS, the viewer embarks on a voyage of discovery, guided by talented film directors for whom the task of exploring this musical new world is a vocation.
The series comes in luxurious packaging and is an ideal Christmas present for music lovers!