June 18, 2015

September 14, 2014


Antonio Carlos Jobim – Insensatez piano
Arranged by Mercuzio


NOTE:  This, to me , is a very exciting performance!  The Passion, Unity, Clarity and pure Emotional Drive propels you into a Musical Soul Experience.  Composers, please take note of Brahms’ development techniques.  The internal connection of music ideas creates a beautiful flow –  the sensation of One-ness from beginning to end of each movement.  I Hope you enjoy this performance!

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Gagliano Ensemble, St Peter’s Church, London, Belsize Park, 7th July 2012

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Today we discuss another Advanced Music Theory for Trance/EDM

Open Voicing: Spreading out your chords to cover more of a frequency Range

Closed Voicing: Close spread chords to cover only one frequency

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Go to http://JazzHeaven.com/jmp for more FREE Jean-Michel Pilc Videos! This was an excerpt from the Jean Michel Pilc Jazz Improvisation Excercises Lesson/Masterclass Video/DVD entitled “True Jazz Improvisation”.
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Herbert Midgley, the Internet Legend, shows you all about the V7 Chord for piano and guitar.

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Part 1 of a discussion on blues. This video consists of scale choices, and basic progressions with some common variations. Part 2 (in another video) demonstrates some playing examples. Visit http://www.John-Ferrara.com for downloads, and more.

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Instruction by John Ferrara — http://www.John-Ferrara.com.This is a jazz piano instructional video dealing with three common harmonization techniques. For intermediate to advanced players. Beginners will benefit also. Visit his web site for instructional DVDs, Skype lessons, and free downloads.

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This video talks about the AP Exam Free Response Question 6 using roman numerals with inversions for partwriting.

Produced for WHS AP Music Theory http://goo.gl/vr5mA

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April 11, 2013

Basics  /  Cycle of fifths  /  Swing feel  /  Straight 8’s feel  /  Motifs  /  6 9 chords  /  Pedals  /  Major sevenths  /  Dominant 7ths  /  Altered chords  /  Augmented chords  /  The Diminished  /  The Half-Diminished  /  Voicings  /  Transposing  /  Harmonising  / Minor sevenths  /  Hidden scales  /  Chords from scales  /  Chord progressions  /  Bass lines  /  Scale-Chord relationships  / Practice /  Rhythmic patterns  /  Gigs  /  Drum guide  /  Hints on composition  /  Hints on arranging  /  The rhythm method  / Filler-notes  /  Melody  /  The blues scale  /   Foreign notes  /  Composite scales  /  Modes and Scales   The most ssential thing needed to write music  /  The harmonic major scale  /  A cynical viewpoint  /  Short scales  /  Ninths /  251s   Middle-Eastern scale  /  Harmonic minor (b2) scale  /  Manuscript paper  /  Colla voce  /  Professionalism  /  11ths and 13ths   Augmented minor major seventh  /  Superimpositions  /  Playing by numbers  /  Form  /  The Origin of Pieces  /  Mnemonics for pianists   Scales from triads /  Chord symbols for beginners (piano) /  Harmony in bass clef /  Challenging assumptions /  Diatonic-Chromatic  Use of common minor scales

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Berkleemusic’s instructor Bruce Saunders explains how to use jazz chords in your guitar playing.

BerkleeMusic·334 videos
Check out this video from Berkleemusic.com and watch as Assistant Chair of the Berklee College of Music Guitar Department, Rick Peckham explains drop-2 voicings on guitar.