This is a short introduction and review of the function of Secondary Dominants.
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Colin O’Dwyer

Common chord progressions using ii iii and vi as well as I IV and V. Progressions covered are I V vi IV, I V ii IV and how Vertical Horizon uses the iii chord in Everything You Want.

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Hey Jazz Guy basic lesson on ii-V-I progression and voiceleading. For more music, info, lessons, and video, check out http://www.jakehertzog.com

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David Booker is demonstrating how to use “secondary dominant chords” to add flavor to the basic chord progression that you’ve developed. in this clip we use the progression D min.7 – Bb maj.7 – G min.7 – A dom.7

this is a continuation of the clip “Composing: from classics to new music”.

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In this piano lesson we’ll learn how to form secondary dominants on the piano.

This piano lesson was made by: David Yzhaki

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Songwriting is a creative process, but there are still key guidelines and formulas that ALL of the great songs and songwriters follow. Songwriting on Guitar covers all of these essential musical rules in layman’s language, but Songwriting on Guitar is so much more than a ‘textbook’ approach to songwriting; it’s an immersive, contextual and highly creative process that you play and compose your way through. No tedious theory or boring exercises to work through here. In fact, you will likely create hundreds of your own motifs and song ideas as you journey through Songwriting on Guitar.

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The vi – ii – V – I Chord Progression – Using Secondary Chords . Today I would like to introduce you to another cousin. This time, “cousin VI”. Cousin VI doesn’t show up as often as cousin II, but she is terribly predictable. When she shows up, it is almost a slam dunk that she is going to move up a 4th to visit cousin II. She LOVES cousin II, and is pulled irresistably toward her. Which means, of course, that you can when cousin VI shows up, you can predict with DEADLY ACCURACY what the next chord will be — II. Close to 90% of the time VI moves to II. And you already know that II likes to move to V, and V likes to move to I, so………

For a more complete treatment of this progression please go to http://www.playpiano.com/101-tips/28-…