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Hey Jazz Guy basic lesson on ii-V-I progression and voiceleading. For more music, info, lessons, and video, check out http://www.jakehertzog.com

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“ComposerOnline is a music teacher and composer whose aim is to describe devices and techniques that can be used to compose music.”

ComposerOline’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ComposerO…

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David Booker is demonstrating how to use “secondary dominant chords” to add flavor to the basic chord progression that you’ve developed. in this clip we use the progression D min.7 – Bb maj.7 – G min.7 – A dom.7

this is a continuation of the clip “Composing: from classics to new music”.

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Hey Jazz Guy discusses categorizing chords and voicings by structure and by function, using structure to derive the function. As seen in Guitar Player Magazine.

For more, visit : http://www.heyjazzguy.com