Zac Zinger – Taiwan (ft. Min-chin Kuo, Yu-Wei Hsieh, Chia-kun Chen)

November 25, 2019


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In 2017, I had a truly meaningful ten-day trip to Taiwan as part of my fellowship with the Asian Cultural Council (ACC). I knew nothing of the country or the culture before visiting, but I left inspired by the extraordinary kindness of each and every person I met. Strangers walking me to my destination when I got lost, opening their homes for me to stay, showing me the wonders of the Taipei night market… I never felt anything but welcome in every place I went. Couple that with a stunning countryside, mystical temples, and exquisite cuisine, and you have a tiny island oasis that’s unlike any place in the world.

This piece is dedicated to the people I met in Taiwan. It’s recorded on a dizi I bought there, and though I’m no expert on it, I think that’s perfectly appropriate to represent the experience of a foreigner trying to understand and fit into a new culture. I’m thrilled that three of the musicians I met during my visit who inspired the tune were able to record on it, literally embodying the inspiration for the piece. Special thanks to Min-chin Kuo (郭岷勤), Yu-wei Hsieh (謝宇威), and Chia-kun Chen (陳家崑) for playing on this, and to Chi-wei Ho (何其偉) and Yao-Hsing Li (李曜行) for recording the audio and video in Taipei.

Additional special thanks to all those I met in Taiwan who showed me the best in humanity: Charlotte Fleming, Rita Chang and the ACC Taipei, Vincent Lin (林長志), Melody Lee (軒念), Guo Wenming (郭文明), Pan I-tung (潘宜彤), Jen Chung (任重), Ching-Tung Liao (廖錦棟), Tsai Chia-fen (蔡佳芬), Kao Chen-Ning (高辰寧), Chao-Hsien Tu (杜昭賢), Wan-Jung Wu (吳婉榕), Yang Yu-wen (楊有文) from Ten Drum Village, Ying-Chen Lin (林映辰), Charles Tang (唐瑋廷), Charlie Silva, Sean Sinclair, Jessica Luk, and all of the affable strangers who went out of their way to accommodate a lost-looking American. This song is for you.

Written, arranged, mixed and produced by Zac Zinger.

Dizi – Zac Zinger Piano – Sharik Hasan Bass – Adam Neely Drums – Luke Markham

Special guests (recorded in Taipei, Taiwan): Guzheng – Min-chin Kuo (郭岷勤) Vocals – Yu-Wei Hsieh (謝宇威) Erhu – Chia-kun Chen (陳家崑)

Video Editing and Production – Alessio Romano New York Recording Engineer/Videographer – Alessio Romano Recorded at Studio 42 in Brooklyn, NY.