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August 29, 2016

Wikpedia   –   List of music software

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This is a list of notable software for creating, performing, learning, analyzing, researching, broadcasting and editing music. This article only includes software, not services. For streaming services such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Prime Music, and Spotify, see Comparison of on-demand streaming music services. For storage, uploading, downloading and streaming of music via the cloud, see Comparison of online music lockers. Although this field is only 46 years old, this list does not include discontinued historic or legacy software, with the exception of trackers that are still supported.[1][2] For example, the company Ars Nova produces music education software, and its software program Practica Musica has remnants of the historic Palestrina software. Practica will be listed here, but not Palestrina.[3] If a program fits dozens of categories, such as a comprehensive DAW or a foundation programming language (e.g. Pure Data), listing is limited to its top three categories.




Types of music software

CD ripping software

Choir and learn-to-sing software

This section includes both choir software and learn-to-sing software. For music learning software, see music education software.
Main articles: Choir and Vocal coach

Chord Progression software

Main article: Chord progression
  • MagicScore Chords!]
  • ChordPulse
  • Cognitone
  • Harmony Builder
  • Hookpad
  • Liquid Notes
  • SongFrame

DJ software

Main article: DJ § Software

Digital audio workstation (DAW) software

Computer music software

Main article: Computer music