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GARY EWER – Getting the Most Out of a Bridge Lyric

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GARY EWER   –   Getting the Most Out of a Bridge Lyric




Verse lyrics set the stage, recount details of a story, describe characters, etc. It lays out the narrative, the storyline or general song topic.


Chorus lyrics describe an emotional reaction to the story. Chorus lyrics usually don’t add much in terms of the details of the story, but they certainly make it clear what the singer’s reaction to the story might be.


And then we get to the bridge. As you likely know, a bridge section will take a song a bit further afield by bringing in new melodies built upon new chords (and generally, chords that take the song in a new direction). As an audience hears the bridge, they are usually aware that this new section is temporary; they expect to hear a return to the chorus, or a third verse (particularly for songs in verse-bridge format).



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